A fusion of food, travel and photography.


Not long ago, I was debating whether or not to begin this blog at all—and what on Earth I would even write about. I was telling a friend about a recent trip to Charleston, passionately describing the amazing food I enjoyed there, and it went something like this:

Ever had a Crab Cake on an English Muffin with a Poached Egg on top, covered in Hollandaise Sauce? When you order it, they send you into overdrive with not one, but two of these delightful creations, accompanied by Pommes Frites and a Mimosa (FOR BREAKFAST)! This is a meal that can only inspire a spectacular day. After that, I went about exploring my favorite spots, looking for new perspectives to capture…

As I told my little tale, my friend began to salivate. I’d made her terribly hungry. Days later, she confessed that the hunger had not yet subsided. She was desperate to see pictures from the day—the food I ate, the places I visited, the scenic vistas of a town she’s not experienced.

And that’s when I realized that my passions are, in fact, shared passions. I simply can’t get enough travel, great food, art and architecture. Perhaps you feel the same way.

So as I continue to follow my heart and my belly, I pledge to capture it all… to bring it back and share it with you. Get ready. This is only the beginning. Take a look…

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