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Being Freshly Pressed

I am interrupting my weekly blog post to comment on something unique that happened to me yesterday. My blog is hosted by a website called WordPress. Each day they choose a few blog posts to feature on their home page in a section called “Freshly Pressed.” Yesterday, my post 5 Days in Paris: Love Locks was chosen to be featured. After just a few months of blogging, I was Freshly Pressed!

The morning started with my receiving a few comments on this post, which was 2 weeks old. My new Wednesday morning post had just been published so I thought it odd that people were commenting on an older post and not the brand new one. A few minutes later, when I received a couple more comments, I knew something was up. After thinking about where this publicity could be coming from, I checked the WordPress home page and sure enough, there it was!

I had no idea what a ride I was in for. Every time someone clicks the “Like” button at the end of each post, I get an email telling me that someone “liked” my post. I also get an email each time someone leaves a comment. Almost as fast as I read each email, new ones appeared in my in-box. They were coming from all around the world and the comments were so complimentary and flattering. A few of them really touched me.

I walked by that bridge when I was in Paris, but I never crossed it. Now, it appears I have a reason to go back – those locks are such a beautiful expression of humanity. Things like this give me faith in people all over again. 🙂

Next year will be our 30th anniversary, and we’ve been trying to think of something special to do. I think you’ve given me a great idea. Love locks will certainly be part of it. Beautiful post! Well done on the FP!

This is really just one of those beautiful and heartwarming things you can’t help but smile at. One day, I’ve promised myself, one day I’ll be standing on that bridge.

I’ve been to France but not Paris. I never thought I’d have any desire to return but I so want to visit the love lock bridge now. I had never heard of it before and it’s beautiful. I want to put a lock on the fence with my husband some day. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Dave and I have always talked about visiting France one day. He has been a couple of times already, but wants to show me around (I’ll let him do the talking… anyone who has finished a bottle of wine with me knows that my French is an absolute disaster and generally only comes out while slightly intoxicated). We both don’t have much interest in spending lots of time in Paris – I think we’d much rather drive around the countryside, visiting vineyards and eating fromage. However I do want to stop in Paris for at least 1 day so that we can put a love lock on this bridge!!! Future anniversary, maybe??

Wow, what an amazing feeling. A few of my photos and some of my words had actually touched people, and in one case it appears to have changed a person’s thinking about Paris. What a wonderful thing this is and what tremendous reinforcement it is to be a photographer. My images can move people and influence their thinking. In addition to providing memories to those who have been there, photos can affect the future. When they take their trip to France and stop in Paris to see the bridge, that couple will see Paris from my point of view!

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  1. Nice feeling, isn’t it? Your photos and comments are a nice way of sharing your experience. I’m glad to have found you thanks to the Freshly Pressed selection.

    May 13, 2011 at 11:17 am

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