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Local Transportation in Vietnam

Transportation in Southeast Asia is just a bit different then most other places in the world. The average income is comparatively low and paved streets are often few and far between. Stretching the dollar has been raised to an art form in Asia so the least expensive means of getting from point A to point B is the norm.

Transport in Vietnam

Two wheeled vehicles are by far the most popular form of transportation.

Motorbikes are inexpensive and allow their owners to travel many miles on a gallon of gasoline. Everywhere you look, motorbikes are piled high with cargo.

A family of 4 on a motorbike

Often times, the cargo is a little more precious. Look closely and you will see a family of 4 on this bike. The son is on the handle bars while the smaller daughter is lodged between dad and mom. Masks are often warn over people’s faces to help filter out some of the dust, and in larger cities, the pollution in the air.

Vietnamese bikers

In Vietnam, bikers far outnumber automobiles. Most vans, busses and cars are carrying tourists in this part of the world. Motorbikes leave less of a carbon footprint, are easier to park and are far less expensive to operate.

Cows being transported

This “truck” on a motorbike is being used to carry cows to market. The smaller vehicles make way for the larger ones, but in the end, it’s the fastest that rule the roads.

Ferry boats in Hoi An

Water is hugely important in Vietnam, not only as a source of food, but also for transportation. Small ferry boats load up passengers and cargo in areas where bridges don’t exist.

Cargo on three wheels

Every configuration imaginable is seen throughout Asia, moving goods from location to location, powered by small motorbike engines. The huge population of Asia is aided by the much smaller size of these motorized vehicles. Smaller sizes means more bikes on the road at the same time.

Woman with loaded bicycle

In Ho Chi Min City, this woman used a bicycle not as transportation, but to carry her goods to the local market.

Boating to market

In areas where there are rivers, locals use small boats to move from place to place and do their daily shopping. Men and women alike balance on the edge of their boats as they masterfully paddle their way here and there.

Young and old use manpower or motorpower to move their cargo

Some use good old manpower to pedal their bikes loaded down with whatever they need to carry. Perhaps that’s why the majority of Asian people are very slim and trim. Exercise is not an option to most people in this part of the world.

A girl with her dog.

City dwellers are sometimes able to indulge themselves in a little more luxury. Not only is this pooch riding on its master’s bike, but doing so quite stylishly. Transportation may be a little different in Asia than in the United States, but a love for our pets and a sense of style appears to be universal.

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