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Travel to Temples

No trip to Asia would be complete without visiting some of the local temples. Any trip to a foreign land should include experiencing the local culture and Southeast Asia has plenty of culture to absorb.

Temples are everywhere. Most are hundreds or over a thousand years old. Some are spectacular in appearance while others are more modest. They were all constructed as places of worship.

Incense is used as an offering. It is readily available in shops everywhere and can even be purchased inside some of the temples. Many types and scents are available. The large sticks can burn for several hours while purifying the surroundings bringing forth an assembly of deities.

Even on a rainy day in Hue, Vietnam, visiting the ancient temples was a treat to the senses. We saw the beauty, smelled the incense, heard the gongs and felt the spirituality.

Photographing some of these temples was challenging at times. Some temples do not allow photography inside. Others don’t allow flash. That can make getting a good interior photo difficult to say the least.

Each temple is beautiful in its own way. Every person is unique in that they choose to worship or not, and they do it in their own way. Regardless of our religious beliefs, worship is something that is as different to mankind as the temples throughout Vietnam.

The Royal Citadel in Hue is a vast complex of temples, gardens, structures and passages. The architecture is impressive and incredibly old. It’s amazing how advanced their engineering and construction techniques were that long ago.

These ancient bronze urns were cast in 1836 to symbolize the sovereignty of the dynasty. Part of The Nine Urns, they were placed according to the disposition of the altars in the temple. .

Whether in Asia, Europe, America or anywhere else in the world, choose your favorite color of incense or flowers and head to your place of worship where you can make an offering to the supreme being you believe in. May we all live in peace.

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  1. Lovely photos!

    September 28, 2011 at 10:29 am

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