A fusion of food, travel and photography.

What Is My Real Photography Job?

Ever since I started this blog several months ago, I have occasionally been asked what kind of photography I do professionally. Considering how varied some of that work is, I thought I would take this opportunity to show you some of the photos I recently shot on assignments.

Greystone Properties, one of the largest management companies in the U.S., asked me to shoot one of their properties in McDonough, GA. The property was unique in that every unit was a townhouse. The pool was lovely and I couldn’t resist choosing this twilight photos as my favorite photo of the day.

Tri Vantage is the nation’s largest seller of specialty fabrics and Sunbrella makes high end outdoor awnings and umbrellas for outside living spaces. They asked me to shoot some store displays that can be used to show retailers how to set up their in-stoor displays to best represent the company and display their products to consumers and decorators.

Post Properties, a major player in the luxury apartment management and development business and headquartered here in Atlanta, recently sponsored a charity golf tournament and asked me to shoot the events of the day. Fortunately the weather was perfect and the skies were blue. When the sun is so bright, the shadows it casts are very severe and require the correct lighting to keep faces out of the shadows caused by hats, glasses, noses and pretty much anything that stuck out.

Yes I do love to travel and I do love to eat. I enjoy experiencing life in all of its forms. What I really love, however, is capturing my experiences life and freezing them in photos that will help me remember those moments forever, be it food, exotic landscapes or outdoor furniture. If those same images are able to convey to other people part of the emotion and excitement I was feeling at the time, I have accomplished my goal and achieved success.

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