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Christmas Around The World

This year we spent Christmas in Singapore. It is so much fun and enlightening to travel to other countries and experience how they celebrate the holidays. Last year we were also in Asia, Bangkok to be more specific. Not only is the weather so very different than where we live but the culture is very different also. One thing that is a constant, however, is holiday lights and decorations.

Christmas Tree in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton, Singapore

There may not be a lot of Christmas trees like North Americans are used to seeing but there are always some type of lights and decorations, even in countries where they do not celebrate Christmas like Christians do. Whether they decorate for the tourists who are visiting, or in preparation of New Year’s Eve, the mood is festive and everyone is gearing up for the big New Year’s celebration.

A delicious looking pair of trees in the bakery of the Ritz Carlton, Singapore

It’s interesting to me that countries which are primarily Hindu or Muslim, for instance, still decorate for Christian holidays. Perhaps it’s a testament to the fact that Christmas has become a commercial holiday around the world. But regardless of your religious beliefs, lights and colorful decorations cover the world during the holidays. Singapore shows its colors, and its lights, every December.

Decorations outside one of the many shopping malls in Singapore.

The famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore, where the Singapore Sling was invented.

Holiday lights line Orchard Road in Singapore.

Holiday decorations in the Singapore airport.

This tree, in the Fullerton Hotel, was decorated with nothing but toy bears.

Holiday lights were on all the major streets in downtown Singapore.

More holiday decorations in the Singapore airport.

This tree on a busy corner of Orchard Road had an "observation deck."

A Bible verse on the side of a large retailer in Singapore.

Blue lights and commercial sponsors were everywhere on Orchard Road, Singapore.

The holiday lights were beautiful in Singapore, but it was all about the glitz and glamor. Everyone seems to want to partake of the holiday celebrations, regardless of religious or political backgrounds. The world truly lights up at Christmas!

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