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Photographing Student Housing in Auburn, AL


I was recently hired to shoot an apartment community in Auburn, Alabama that caters to students attending Auburn University. The property had recently enhanced their amenities and needed new photography for their brochures and website.



Along with the usual photos of the property, management also wanted twilight photos of the pool area, one of my specialties. Since the pool is outside, the weather would play a significant role in how the photos turned out. I kept my eye on the weather forecast for a week prior to the shoot date.



Right up until the day of the shoot, the forecast called for zero percent chance of rain. While on the road to Auburn, I couldn’t help feeling concerned about how cloudy the sky was. Would it clear up by the time twilight arrived so I could do my thing and make a memorable photo for the client? So much of an outdoor shoot is heavily influenced by Mother Nature.



In the end I was able to present the client with a set of photos that they loved, especially the twilight photo that will grace the cover of the property’s new brochure. Thanks to a little help from Mother Nature.


One response

  1. Barbara

    Beautiful! Very inviting!!! Keep up the good work!

    November 11, 2013 at 11:36 am

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