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A Photo Tour of New Zealand, Part II

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-9909

Driving from Dunedin to Queenstown proved to be similar to driving down the East coast in that the landscape constantly changed every hour or so. This route took us inland from the East coast to the West and although a little less spectacular, it was still stunning. We hiked up a hill to an amazing 360 view and came upon this terribly profound sign. What a disturbing thought!New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-9927

Even inland there are plenty of lakes providing wonderful views with unique combinations of color and texture. More overcast skies but still plenty of eye candy.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-9929

With its British heritage one drives on the left side in New Zealand. In our case that seemed to be an advantage on our route as I had the best view out the passenger side window.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-9963

I had no idea what to expect from Queenstown and with Christmas Day quickly approaching, we knew this year’s holiday would be unique to say the least.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-9978

Queenstown sits on Queenstown Bay, an inlet on Lake Wakatipu. The setting at the base of several mountains is breathtaking.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-9977

On Christmas Day, everyone was in celebration mode.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-141944

Most of the country has a ban on selling alcohol from Christmas Day through New Year’s Day. I can only guess why this law exists but I can say that the locals prepare in advance. Restaurants are allowed to serve but all bars and liquor stores are closed. Alcohol sales were banned for both the recent Justin Bieber concert and all 3 dates of Adele’s concerts.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-210828

Everyone seemed to be having fun and behaving rather well considering the photo above.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-210751

In the water or out, the young people in Queenstown spent the day partying in the lake, on the lake and along the lake. By sundown the crowds had quietly dispersed.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0001

The following day we took a cruise round the gorgeous lake watching para-sailers and hang-gliders.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0044

We rode the gondola to the top of the mountain to see the view from above.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0041

Near the top of the mountain is a bungee jumping platform. Bungee jumping was invented in New Zealand.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0039

Another amazing view of Queenstown from atop the mountain.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0034

There is even a luge run on top of the mountain for the kids.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0115

Later we took a helicopter tour of the mountains and landed on a glacier to take in the view.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0262

The mountains, lakes and glaciers were spectacular.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0254

Although I have been in several helicopter in the past, this was just stunning.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0244

This is Milford Sound, “Inner Earth” from the Lord of the Rings movies.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0230

It’s no wonder they chose this location to film the movie as it was otherworldly.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0224

We were only there for a few minutes since we were on a helicopter tour.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0222

As in most of New Zealand, the sky changed quickly which made photography tricky.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0216

Imagine a world with no water.

New Zealand-©Brad-Bell-Photography.jpg-0194

The gnats were intense near the water but the tour was so worth the hefty price.



4 responses

  1. Barbara Hicks

    Unbelievable must be breath taking in person. Good job.

    April 20, 2017 at 10:09 am

  2. Kathy Quabeck

    Your photos and commentary are spectacular!

    April 20, 2017 at 12:06 pm

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