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Local Transportation in Vietnam

Transportation in Southeast Asia is just a bit different then most other places in the world. The average income is comparatively low and paved streets are often few and far between. Stretching the dollar has been raised to an art form in Asia so the least expensive means of getting from point A to point B is the norm.

Transport in Vietnam

Two wheeled vehicles are by far the most popular form of transportation. (more…)


Floating Markets in Vietnam

The day begins very early on the Mekong Delta in South Vietnam. Farmers from the region awake before dawn to load their boats with the fruit and vegetables they harvested the day before. Every morning these boats meet to form some of the world’s largest floating markets. 

Headed to market

Local residents, as well as restaurants and stores, pull their boats up beside the anchored market boats and purchase the day’s produce that will become tonight’s dinner.

Heat and Steam in the Big Easy

Walking the cobblestone streets of the French Quarter, at any time of year, is a step back to a simpler time. Horse drawn carriages, wrought iron balconies and the waft of Creole cooking in the air conjures up images of lamp lighters and jazz musicians playing brass in the streets. During the summer, New Orleans is hot, humid and downright sticky. High ceilings and open windows were the air conditioning of generations past.

New Orleans Church Turret

Today’s NOLA, as it’s called, (New Orleans, LA) is a hybrid of ancient French Quarter architecture still intact, Louisiana culture and cutting edge gastronomy. Several award winning chefs and published cookbook authors call New Orleans home, and serve up amazing food (more…)

Creating Your Own Fireworks

As a photographer, the Fourth of July usually presents a once-a-year photo opportunity for shots of fireworks bursting in the nighttime sky. Depending upon where I have traveled to each year, there might be an iconic structure in the foreground or I’ll catch the fireworks reflected in a glass building. As is true with any outdoor photography, Mother Nature always plays a part and this year she has chosen to literally rain on our parade.

Since I am at home in Atlanta for Independence Day this year, and since my idea of a fine Fourth of July doesn’t involve a hundred thousand people who are soaking wet (me being one of them), I’ve decided to stay at home and prepare my own fireworks in the kitchen. (more…)